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Borealize is an Italian music production company founded by Danilo Gemma, an Italian composer, pianist and writer. Borealize produces music of a wide genre: epic music, symphonic, electronic, instrumental, celtic. Borealize produces albums and singles for personal use, distributed through digital stores. The first single with which Borealize kicked off his career is Marvel, followed by the albums Vanquish and Secrets.

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The new single from Borealize is arriving on all digital stores.


The Borealize music were written, arranged and recorded by Danilo Gemma. Danilo Gemma is an Italian pianist, composer and writer. He studied piano and composition at the music conservatory. Since 2020 he has been the artistic director of Naucrates Music, a record label based in Milan. His music has been played on popular radio and television programs such as Nickelodeon in the USA, Spain and Germany.

All songs of Borealize were recorded using virtual orchestras such as East West Quantum Leap Synphonic Orchestra and Native Instruments Kontakt.






We offer an on-demand music writing service. If you would like a custom track that you would like to distribute and sell please contact us. We will create your song according to your requests. You will own 100% of the rights.

Have you composed a piece of music but don't have the skills to record it? No problem. Send us the sheet music or score. We will record with the highest quality instruments.

You have composed a piece of music but do not have the skills to do mixing and mastering. No problem. We will take care of making your song of the highest quality.

If you like Borealize's music, we ask you to use it in your TV show, film or short film, event or concert. All the songs of Borealize have been written and recorded by Danilo Gemma and edited by Naucrates Music, record label. We also invite you to write to us to help us improve. There is nothing more beautiful than writing music that everyone likes!

If you want to support our work we will accept any donation from you.


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